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Ryan Shuflin
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Colonial Heraldry

Postby Ryan Shuflin » 31 Jul 2013, 06:34

Does anyone know anything about heraldry during the colonial era, I am especially interested in symbol representing regions of colonies.

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Chris Green
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Re: Colonial Heraldry

Postby Chris Green » 31 Jul 2013, 10:37

Are you talking specifically about colonies in what is now the US? British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish etc?
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Re: Colonial Heraldry

Postby Jeremy Keith Hammond » 31 Jul 2013, 13:43

As this was posted in the United States section, I'm guessing you're referring mostly to colonial America, which was primarily British (with Dutch, Spanish and French projects as well).

So with that said, I would urge you to check out the American Heraldry Society's website. There is listed a roll of early American arms in use prior to 1825, most of which were in use prior to the revolution in 1776 during the "colonial" period.

Roll of Early American Arms:

There's quite a bit more on the website, including a roll of arms of those who signed the declaration of independence, and drafted the constitution, as well as arms of foreign contributors in our war for independence.
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Re: Colonial Heraldry

Postby JMcMillan » 31 Jul 2013, 14:40

Ryan Shuflin wrote:Does anyone know anything about heraldry during the colonial era, I am especially interested in symbol representing regions of colonies.

Yes, a fair amount. Here are a few arms of British colonies in the present United States, from the AHS roll mentioned by Jeremy.

(The escutcheons in the four quarters changed over time to conform to the quarterings in the British royal arms. The arms were assumed by the Virginia Company of London in about 1619 and used by the colonial government following the dissolution of the company until about June 1776.)

Used the arms of the Lords Baltimore, Lords Proprietor of Maryland, as arms of dominion.

Rhode Island
Used a shield charged with an anchor as its colonial seal starting in 1647.

New York
Used the arms assumed by New York City in 1686 as the de facto provincial arms.

Used the arms of Penn, the proprietors of the colony, as arms of dominion.

Carolina under the lords proprietors used arms showing two cornucopiae in saltire. The Proprietors of one of the New Jerseys--I don't recall whether East or West--also used an armorial seal.

In non-English areas:

New Netherland
Granted by the Council of the Dutch West India Company in 1630. The Council also granted arms to New Amsterdam.

Louisiana under the French used arms originally granted by Louis XIV to the Compagnie d'Occident, the royal monopoly established to administer and exploit French colonies. As in Virginia, the company arms continued to be used as those of the province after the dissolution of the company. After the Spanish took over Louisiana, the arms were modified to replace the chief of France Ancient on the arms (Azure seme-de-lis Or) with a chief of Castile and Leon, which remained in use until 1803. I have not yet done an emblazonment of these arms for the AHS site, but this was the French version:


and this the Spanish

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