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Re: Guidelines for creating a standard

Posted: 26 Jul 2012, 09:30
by Kathy McClurg
Nicholas Hutchinson wrote:Image
Here are three different options with the English text for the motto.



All I see are the words image, image, image - Looks great to me! :lol:

Re: Guidelines for creating a standard

Posted: 26 Jul 2012, 10:50
by Arthur Radburn
Nicholas Hutchinson wrote:Ok, how would I end up blazoning the standard then? I assume from the pole to the fly?

Yes. In flag terms, the end nearest the pole is called the 'hoist'.

Looking at the way the Bureau of Heraldry (SA) blazons standards, yours might be described as : In the hoist, the arms of Nicholas Hutchinson; in the fly Argent divided into three compartments by two transverse bands Sable bearing the motto FAMILY IS OUR STRENGTH in letters Argent, in the first and third compartments his badge and in the second his crest; fringed compony Argent and Sable.

Looking at the Canadian Heraldic Authority style, the description might be : The arms of Nicholas Hutchinson in hoist, the fly Argent charged with his crest between two representations of his badge separated by two bends Sable inscribed with the motto FAMILY IS OUR STRENGTH, the whole fringed Argent and Sable.