English House Flags - a missed opportunity.

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Re: English House Flags - a missed opportunity.

Postby Martin Goldstraw » 02 Oct 2012, 17:46

Jonathan Webster wrote:Forgive my ignorance on the matter, but what is the position as regards House Flags in Scotland?

Good question. Restrictions on the flying of flags appear to have originated as a result of planning laws (restriction of advertisements) from which national flags were always exempt. England and Scotland have always had different laws but I believe that broadly speaking the planning laws were/are similar. This recent amendment applies to England only and there have been no changes at all to Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland so the latter nations will not see this relaxation of rules (always assuming that they had any restrictions in the first place). I can't find anything in the Scottish Parliament website which mentions flags (except the regulations for flying flags on Government buildings which, as you would expect, only deals with national/government flags and states that no other flags should be flown).

As you would expect, there are firm laws about who may use an heraldic flag in Scotland and what size and shape it might be (dealt with by the Lord Lyon) but no mention is made as to what regulations, if any, restrict how or where the lawful bearer of an heraldic flag might display it. Well, none that I can find anyway.

See: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/gb_s-her.html
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