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Re: Heraldry of the Guardia Civil

Postby Chris Green » 04 Nov 2016, 12:22

The various regional Commands simply add a bordure argent to the arms of the area concerned, plus of course the fasces and sword behind the arms (a custom unknown I think in the anglo-saxon world - except for a few officials such as the Earl Marshal). The continued use of the fasces in democratic Spain may be considered odd, they being the origin of the term fascist, but their use by organisations involved with law and order long pre-dates fascism, indeed back to their Roman origins.


The floating crowns slightly irritate me. They would surely look better directly on top of the shields.
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Re: Heraldry of the Guardia Civil

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 04 Nov 2016, 17:56

The Sword and fasces have been used by the Guardia Civil since its founding. And i Believe Those Guards that Chose the Republicans during the Civil War continued to use this Badge. Anyhow the Fasces was apart from the Guardia Civil not used by the State during the Franco Regime. Which in stead used the old Spanish Emblem of Ferdinand and Isabella the Yoke and Arrows.

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