DARs Completed in 2012

This is where the V.P. Heraldic Design will post finished projects.
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Chris Green
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DARs Completed in 2012

Postby Chris Green » 07 Feb 2015, 10:01

Arms: Per chevron enhanced Sable and Argent a wolf (C. lupus) rampant Azure and bearing in its dexter forepaw a quill pen Or
Crest: On a torse sable and argent, a demi-wolf (C. lupus) rampant Azure and bearing in its dexter forepaw a quill pen Or
Mantling: Sable doubled argent
Motto: Fortius Quo Fidelius (Latin: “strength through loyalty”)
Herald: Steven A. Harris
Artist: Tomasz Seifer
Date: September 2012


Michael Woodson
Arms: Per pale Argent and Azure on a chevron between in chief two choughs respectant risings wings elevated and addorsed and in base a tower three annulets a bordure per pale the whole counterchanged
Crest: A bat displayed affronte Sable
Herald: Daniel Gill
Artist: Kenneth Mansfield
Adopted 8 Nov 2012


Tina Kudlick
Arms: Gules six maple leaves Argent radiating from a fountain.
Crest: From a demi-fountain within a coronet érablé Or a common loon (Gavia immer) rising wings addorsed proper collared Gules pendent therefrom a torteau bearing a heart Or.
Motto: “Cor meum fidelis manet,” which means “My heart remains faithful.”
Herald: Daniel Gill
Artist: Tomasz Steifer
Adopted: 7 Dec 2012

Chris Green
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Bertilak de Hautdesert

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Arthur Radburn
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Re: DARs Completed in 2012

Postby Arthur Radburn » 07 Feb 2015, 13:47

Thank you for posting all these DARs, Chris.
Arthur Radburn
IAAH Vice-President : Heraldic Education

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