Coat of arms of the Metropolitan of Australia and NewZealand

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Coat of arms of the Metropolitan of Australia and NewZealand

Postby goran zajic » 19 Jul 2012, 09:20

The blessing of His Grace G.G. Irenaeus (Dobrijevic), the Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Australia and New Zealand, developed a new coat of arms of the Metropolitan of Australia and New Zealand Serbian Orthodox Church.

The need to supplement the coat of arms, who once designed and developed by Mr. architect. Dragomir Acovic KV BO1, created by the adoption of its constitution and the rise of the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand in the rank of Metropolitan.

Namely, according to heraldic standards and standards applicable to Serbian ecclesiastical heraldry, previous versions of the heraldic emblem of the Diocese of fit range, and it was necessary to coat the newly created state of inimitable and canonical order.
Also, the desire was in charge of Bishops and the coat of arms is depicted in accordance with the Orthodox iconographic tradition, and in heraldic fashion, which nourishes our Committee.
At this important project collaborated Father Deacon Nenad M. Jovanovic, and as heraldists Ikonopisac Rade M. Pavlovic, as a heraldic artist, which is the emblem painted in iconography, the technique of egg tempera on panel with gilding.

God save, God feeds,
Serbian King, Serbian nation!

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