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Re: Center for Church Heraldry in the Netherlands

Postby Ryan Shuflin » 12 Jan 2018, 17:45

I believe the Earl Marshal has Marshal batons, which are really similar in appearance, an argument that herald's baton's symbolize authority.

The Garter King of Arms has two sceptre like objects, that I believe are called batons. Perhaps the logic here is that the College of Arms isn't a herald, but its members are. This is I think the best grounds to object to Center uses batons.

I know private heralds such as the Slains Pursuivant use batons, so I don't think they are restricted to government heralds. If the Bishop of Utrecht had a herald, and he certainly has a right to one, he would have be entitled to batons. In fact the collar suggests, that the Center is working for the Bishop.

I do think that only employed heralds, should have a baton. Although that is more of a gut feeling. Of course only employed heralds should have tabards, that I am sure.

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