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Re: Gendarmerie Nationale Heraldry

Posted: 17 Jun 2017, 17:58
by Michael F. McCartney
Most of these are pretty nice, given the context -official para-military insignia, mass-produced, necessarily absolutely uniform (no room for individual style or artistic license) just like the uniforms on which they are worn, or for that matter the individuals who wear them.

The scribble on the scroll, to me, makes sense. It would be impractical, and likely illegible, to include tiny lettering on mass-produced embroidered shoulder patches. Symbolically (to me, can't speak for them) it suggests enforcement of the law regardless of what each individual law might say - the law is the law, to be enforced whatever the individual officer might privately think of a particular law. Not a very liberal philosophy, but symbolically appropriate for a para-military police.