Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 26 Jul 2014, 17:57

RAF Station Krendi (Malta) opened in November 1942. Badge granted in april 1962.
Badge: In front of a Maltese Cross argent/gules a phoenix Or.
Motto: Ad repugnandum renatus (Latin) = Reborn to hit back.
The Maltese Cross alludes to the location. The Phoenix is a reference to tha fact that the Station was established upon the site of a "shadow" aerodrome. I also guess that it is an reference to the Motto.

RAF Station Kuala Lumpur (Malaya) opened 1 November 1945 (was closed between 15 Nov 1947 to 1 July 1948) and in 1961 transferred to the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Badge granted 1952.
Badge: An Eagle Or wings displayed perched on a Kris gules.
Motto: We protect from the skies.
The Eagle symbolises aerial defence of the Capital of Malaya/Malaysia. The Kris beeing a Malayan traditional edged weapon symbolises the location.

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 28 Jul 2014, 11:58

RAF Station Laarbruch (Germany) Opened 1 August 1954 and closed 1999. Today a civilian Airfield. Badge granted april 1962.
Badge: a pomme charged with a winged lion rmapant Or to the sinister between two pallets argent wavy.
Motto: Eine feste Burg (German) = A firm Fortress.
The Winged Lion symbolises the United Kingdom and the RAF. The Pomme stand for the wooden area around the Station. The Wavy pallets symbolises the Rivers Rhine and Maas between which the Station is situated.

RAF Station Labuan (Sabah on Borneo) Badge granted February 1966.
Badge: in front of a representation of the Mountain of Kinabula sable issuant from clouds argent two parangs argent hilted gules in saltire.
Motto: Strike and support.
The Mountain is a navigational aid and appears on the flag of Sabah. The Parangs are native weapons and tools.

RAF Station Lübeck (Germany) Station opened in April 1946 and closed 1949 now the civilian Lübeck-Blankensee Airport. Badge granted in May 1947.
Badge: On water barry wavy a representation of the Holstentor of Lübeck azure upon a mount of cobbles.
Motto: I'y suis i'y reste (French) = Here I am and here I stay.
The Holstentor is a sign of the City of Lübeck and symbolises the location.


RAF Station Luqa (Malta) Station opened ? and closed 1979. The site is today the Malta International Airport. Badge granted February 1945.
Badge: In front of a maltese cross argent/gules a castle Or.
Motto: Mitjar qatt mirbuii (Maltese) = An airfireld never beaten.
The Cross symbolises the location. The Castle symbolises the "Fortess Malta" which during World War 2 withstood all attacks.

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 05 Aug 2014, 17:17

RAF Station Masirah (Oman), opened 2 April 1943 and turned over to the Sultan of Oman's Air Force (since 1990 the Royal Air Force of Oman) on 31 March 1977.
Badge (granted in august 1962): A loggerhead turtle azure.
Motto: Al -I'timad'ala al-nafs (Arabic, interstingly written with Latin letters on the Badge) = The reliance is on one's own self.
The Loggerhead Turtle was chosen as a Badge du to the abundance of these animals in the Area of Station.

RAF Station Negombo (Ceylon now Sri Lanka), opened at Katunayake and renamed 14 March 1944, in 1957 turned over to what was then the Royal Ceylon Air Force.
Badge (granted in november 1954): A representation of a demi-Singhalese lion.
Motto: Serve to unite.
The Shinghalese Lion symbolises the location of the Station.

RAF Station Nicosia (Cyprus), opened 1 February 1944 and closed 1966.
Badge (granted in april 1961): In front of wings conjoined in base Or, a lion couchant guardant gules.
Motto: In quadrivio paratus (Latin) = Readt at the crossroads.
The Wings alludes to the flying role. The Lion indicates Venetian influence on Cyprus and also symbolises wachfulness and alertness. Several other rulers of Cyprus have also included Lion in thier Arms. The Badge of British Cyprus was two Lions Gules on a Disc Argent.

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 10 Aug 2014, 13:10

RAF Station Rheindahlen (Germany) Was originaly RAF Monchengaldbach until 1 april 1960. Closed down in 1993 and handed over to the British Army, which left in 2013 ending British militaru presence at the location.
Badge (granted in July 1975): In front of a roundel Or seme of 14 mullets vert a winged demi-lion gules holding in the paws a branch of olive vert.
Motto: Zealous in support.
The Stars on the Roundel are from the fromer arms of the City of Mönchengladbach. The Lion is from the Badge of RAF Germany indication that the HQ of that organisation was locatet at the Station.

RAF Station Salalah (Oman) opened 11 November 1943. Today it used by the Royal Air Force of Oman's Nos 3 and 5 Squadrons. It is also a civilian Airport.
Badge (granted in august 1966): In front of a light brown eagle displayed two sheaved khunjars sabel hilted argent and tipped Or in saltire.
Motto: Nusoor fee ard sadeeqa (Arabic altough witting with latin letters on the Badge) = Eagels in a friendly land.
The Eagle symbolises the RAF and the Khunjars the location.

RAF Station Seletar (Singapore), opened in January 1930 and in Septemerb 1971 handed to the Singaporean authorities.
Badge (granted in March 1940): On a pall couped and reversed gules three eastern crowns on and two Or.
Motto: We watch all around.
The Badge is based upon the Badge of the Straights Settlements symbolising the location.

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 01 Sep 2014, 11:00

RAF Station Sharjah (Trucial Oman now United Arab Emirates) Station opened 1 May 1943 and closed in December 1971.
Badge (granted August 1962): In front of a khunjar sable detailed Or, an Arabian fort Or.
Motto: Min al-barr ila al-sama (Arabic, but written with Latin Letters) From the land to the sky.
The Fort symbolises the Station as a base for operations, staging post and a support base. The Khunjar is a local edged weapon and symbolises the location and the readiness to fight.

RAF Station Steamer Point (Aden), Station opened 1 August 1945. The British left Steamer Point and the rest of Aden in 1967.
Badge (granted 1954): A roundel barry wavy of eight the topp four bars Or and azure and the bottom four argent and azure the whole irradiated Or.
Motto: Pro Plurimus Adasto (Latin) = I stand ready on behalf of many.
The Barry Wavy roundel symbolises the location on the shore of the Indian Ocean. The irradiation symbolise the Desert, the Heat and the Sun that also was a fact of life of the Station.

RAF Station Sylt (Germany, Sylt is an Island in the Helgoland Bay). The RAF operated the Station between July 1945 and February 1948.
Badge (granted January 1948): In front of a Lighthouse argent a hand proper couped at the wrist holding a sword erect azure/Or.
Motto: Unswerving.
The Lighthouse is form the Arms of Westerland the largets Town on Sylt. It also symbolises the Air Sea Rescue carried out by units stationed at Sylt. The Hand holding the Sword symbolises the Armament Practice Camp also located at the Station.

Arms of Westerland.

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Re: Badges of RAF Stations "overseas"

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 28 Sep 2014, 12:59

RAF Station Ta Kali (Malta now spelled Ta'Qali). Station opened in november 1940 and handed over to the Maltese government in 1963 and closed in 1968. Today it has transformed into a National Park and recreational area. The Malta Aviation Museum continue the link to Flying. The New US embassy building on Malta is also situated in the area.
Badge (granted in Januari 1943): In fornt of a Maltese Cross a roundel chequy theron a demi-knight in armour affronte.
Motto: Equites nostri arma sumunt (Latin) = Our Knights take up their Arms.
Symbolises the link to the Island with its famous Knights.

RAF Station Tengah (Singapore). Station opened 5 March 1938 and handed over to the Singapore Air Defence Command (Now the Republic of Singapore Air Force) in 1973.
Badge (granted in February 1951) An Argus pheasant proper.
Motto: Chergas (Malay) = Alert.
The Argus pheasant is common to the sub-jungles of Malaya.

With RAF Station Wildenrath in Germany I have come to the end of this presentation of the "overseas" RAF Stations. Wildenrath opened 15 January 1952 and closed in 1992.
Badge: In front of an annulet vert surmounted by four fir cones vert the points outwards a harrier in hovering flight.
Motto: Immer Bereit (German) = Always ready.
The Annulet represents the Base and the Fir cones the wooden aera in which this is located. The Harrier represents the Hawker Harrier Aircraft once operating from the Base.

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