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Triesen (Liechtenstein)

Posted: 06 Oct 2019, 16:21
by Arthur Radburn
The Principality of Liechtenstein seldom appears in our forum. Here's a grant of arms and flag, by Prince Franz Josef, to the local authority of Triesen in 1956.

Triesen 1956 - Copy.jpg

A very simple document compared to those of some other countries'. Just a statement that he has authorised Triesen to bear the arms and flag; the blazon (Azure, three scythes in pale Argent); his signature and a counter-signature; and what looks like a rubber stamp instead of a seal.

Re: Triesen (Liechtenstein)

Posted: 06 Oct 2019, 18:00
by Mark Henderson
I like the simplicity of the document. Less is more sometimes.

Re: Triesen (Liechtenstein)

Posted: 16 Oct 2019, 09:06
by Michael F. McCartney
Ditto Mark!