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Arms of Bohemian/Czech nobility within the Holy Roman Empire

Posted: 16 Oct 2019, 21:47
by Kurt Alex
Hello all,

Since there is no separate subforum for this geographic region within the Holy Roman Empire, I am posting this link to a slide show of Bohemian/Czech armorial bearings here. Click some of the other topics along the left margin for additional drawings by Gerd Hruška, whose ancestors were counted among the nobility of Bohemia (Hruška z Března (von Priesen)), but most of whom forfeited their fiefs and emigrated after the Battle of White Mountain, which the historians in the forum may recall touched off the 30 Years War in Central Europe. He is member of several German-language forums on heraldry and genealogy, where his ability to read and speak both German and Czech makes him a valuable asset for many individuals who trace the family roots to this region.