Cranach HRE Armorial Rediscovered.

Heraldry of the German speaking countries

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Martin Goldstraw
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Re: Cranach HRE Armorial Rediscovered.

Postby Martin Goldstraw » 17 Feb 2020, 11:53

Interesting taster but unfortunately one is required to subscribe to read the whole article - not something I intend to do. Thanks for bringing it to our attention anyway.
Martin Goldstraw
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Chris Green
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Re: Cranach HRE Armorial Rediscovered.

Postby Chris Green » 17 Feb 2020, 15:02

Ah. I hadn't though of that. Sorry.

Here are a couple of other sites that refer to the same thing.
Chris Green
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Bertilak de Hautdesert

James Drabble
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Re: Cranach HRE Armorial Rediscovered.

Postby James Drabble » 17 Feb 2020, 15:05

Wow! What an astonishing find.

The exhibition it is to be shown in, at Compton Verney ('Cranach: Artist & Innovator' from March 14 to June 14) sounds like if might be worth making an expedition to deepest, darkest Warwickshire to see. ... innovator/

Thanks for alerting us.

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