Brân arms?

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Jeff Poole
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Brân arms?

Postby Jeff Poole » 28 May 2017, 07:09

I have a coat of arms barry of 12 Or and Azure on a headstone in Adelaide Australia for a Brân family. Can anyone offer any information re the origins of the name and arms?

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Arthur Radburn
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Re: Brân arms?

Postby Arthur Radburn » 28 May 2017, 14:24

The surname appears to be of Welsh origin.
Arthur Radburn
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Chris Green
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Re: Brân arms?

Postby Chris Green » 30 May 2017, 16:48

According to Parker's "Heraldry" Alayn de Fitz Briain bore Barree d'or et de goules and Brun bore Barry of twenty argent and azure. So it is not inconceivable that there are ancient family links between the Brans (with a circumflex), the Fitz Briains and the Bruns.
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