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Portugeuse Heraldry Reference Library

Posted: 20 Sep 2014, 23:04
by Frederick Siler
I developing a library of Heraldry reference matters that apply to Portugal. IAAH members can access it at:
All IAAH members should feel free to contribute any links that they believe appropriate for this library. My email addressis:

Re: Portugeuse Heraldry Reference Library

Posted: 17 Oct 2014, 14:57
by Leonardo Almeida
There aren't many treaties of heraldry in Portuguese. The only one I can remember, the "Tratado de Armaria" by Leite Ribeiro, has silly mistakes, like calling black "sinople" and green "sable".

I consider the Manuel Artur Norton's article "Da Armaria e da Heráldica Portuguesa Contemporânea" a very interesting portrait of Portuguese heraldry. It's more self-criticism than exaltation, but it contains well-sourced stuff about the development of Portuguese heraldry, specially in last centuries. It can be found in internet.

The definitive Portuguese armorial and genealogy is, in common sense, "Armorial Lusitano", published by Editorial Enciclopédia. The national archives of Portugal make available online three medieval/Renaissance armorials - "Livro do Armeiro-Mor" (a masterpiece in illumination), "Livro de Nobreza e Perfeiçam de Armas" e "Thesouro da Nobreza" - among other useful stuff. Except for "Livro do Ameiro-Mor", all the others contain crests for most of the coat of arms, contradicting informations currently found in your website.

About some link provided in your page, CafePress, although bucket shop, has most of the coats of arms correct, while House of Names not.

Re: Portugeuse Heraldry Reference Library

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 13:33
by Frederick Siler
Thanks for your comments regarding my webpage on Latin Heraldry. I will review the page with your recommendations in mind.