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Mac Drawing Programs

Posted: 24 Apr 2017, 11:05
by John Olliff-Cooper
Good morning:

I've downloaded (I think) from an American company called Inkwell Ideas, a program called Coat of Arms Design Studio Pro. Inevitably, perhaps, with my limited skill on a Mac., I'm struggling to get it to load. I've found an .exe file, but that's for Windows only, so obviously that throws up a message telling me it won't run on my Mac.

I've tried to get advice from the Inkwell Ideas contact email address, but answers are a long time coming, and rather limited in scope. "Load Java and it will work automatically." I have, and it doesn't.

Does anyone have experience with this prog to offer?

I don't expect great things from a $20 program, but if I can get it running it'll be a bit of fun.


Re: Mac Drawing Programs

Posted: 25 Apr 2017, 12:02
by Cameron Campbell
You have some options, but they all require a good knowledge of PCs. If you are just a user, you will need to be a "power-user" probably. Go here, ... r-mac.html .
The article is a bit old, but will give you the general idea of what is involved. Hope this helps.

Re: Mac Drawing Programs

Posted: 26 Apr 2017, 07:56
by John Olliff-Cooper
Thank you Cameron. I managed to get the program running eventually, but it’s a very clunky process, so I’ve set it aside for a time when the only alternative is boredom.

Having been used to DTP sizing and drag and drop, the (lack of) functionality within the program palled in short order.

I’ll be interested to see whether a specialist program does emerge, maybe as a subset within an existing DTP product. In reality, the market for such a facility must be very limited, so it’s unlikely to attract developers.

In the meanwhile it’s back to paper, ink, and paints.

Re: Mac Drawing Programs

Posted: 26 Apr 2017, 15:49
by Martin Goldstraw
Take a look at clip art, a whole array of armorial images in vector files are available from Armorial Gold I'm not familiar with Mac but I know that you can use OpenOffice (which is free) in Mac which allows you to modify the images.

Re: Mac Drawing Programs

Posted: 27 Apr 2017, 08:57
by John Olliff-Cooper
That's a useful prompt, Martin. The answer may be to fiddle about with the basic images I've constructed in the heraldry prog., using Open Office. J.