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British Heraldry Reference Library

Posted: 21 Sep 2014, 00:02
by Frederick Siler
I am currently developing a library of Heraldry that references matters that apply to Great Britain and the United Kingdom. This library maintains sections on The British Commonwealth; Channel Islands; England; Cornwall; Ireland; Isle of Man; Scotland; and Wales IAAH members can access it at:
All IAAH members should feel free to contribute any links that they believe appropriate for this library. My email address is:

Re: British Heraldry Reference Library

Posted: 21 Sep 2014, 06:53
by Chris Green
A great deal of interesting material brought together here. I imagine Frederick's coat of arms to feature a sheep-dog, tirelessly rounding up the elusive flock and gathering it all in safety in the fold.

We must be careful to remember that Frederick has brought all these sites together but is not responsible for the accuracy of their contents. I note for example that in the Armorial of the Order of the Garter site the founder knight Sir Hugh de Courtenay is described as Earl of Devon. He wasn't. He died during the first few weeks of the Black Death at the age of only 21. His father the Earl lived on for many years. If you find errors like this please don't tell Frederick, contact the owner of the relevant site.