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Marine Biological Association

Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 12:44
by Arthur Radburn
The arms of the Marine Biological Association of the UK, granted on 20 January 2016. Windsor Herald presented the LPs to them yesterday :


According to the Plymouth Herald * [a newspaper, not a hitherto unheard-of officer of arms!] :

"The new coat of arms shows the range of sea life studied by scientists at the Plymouth-based institution.

"A shark, prawn, plankton, sea horse, shells and seaweed all feature prominently and a squid is shown with its tentacles wrapped around a microscope."

Does anyone know of any other arms which feature plankton?


Re: Marine Biological Association

Posted: 07 Jun 2016, 13:13
by Chris Green
I can understand why the MBA would choose a natural seahorse rather than an heraldic one but I wonder what made them plump for it facing sinister.

Looking for heraldic sea-horses I found the arms of Mr Antony J Edwards, granted in 2001. The blazon is odd, referring to the dolphins as "heraldic" (as against natural), but not the sea-horse crest.


Arms: Per fess wavy Or and Azure between in chief two heraldic dolphins naiant and in base three escallops a lymphad sail furled oars in action all counterchanged flags and pennon flying Gules.
Crest: A seahorse erect Or the dorsal fin Gules resting the sinister webbed foot on a wheel Azure.
Motto: Non Nobis Domine.

PS: The mantling of the MBA's emblazonment is frankly pathetic. There is much to be said for omitting it completely if the supporters, as here, are prominent.