Court of Chivalry (1960s)

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Court of Chivalry (1960s)

Postby Arthur Radburn » 13 Oct 2015, 16:24

This may be of interest : an article about attempts to revive the Court of Chivalry on a permanent basis, through legislation, in the 1960s. The attempts failed, not for legal reasons, but for political ones.

It's a PDF file (7 MB) : ... ivalry.pdf .

The article comes from the Canadian journal Alta Studia Heraldica : .
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Re: Court of Chivalry (1960s)

Postby Martin Goldstraw » 14 Oct 2015, 09:54

Thank you for the link. The Manchester case is very well documented and I believe that the Heraldry Society produced a verbatim account of the proceedings of the case, which was somewhat contrived. As recent as 1984, the then Garter King of Arms declined to ask the Court to rule against the assumption of unauthorised arms by a local authority, doubting whether the precedents would give jurisdiction (A New Dictionary of Heraldry (1987) Stephen Friar p 63).
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