Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated

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Arthur Radburn
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Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated

Postby Arthur Radburn » 01 Dec 2012, 20:38

If anyone is looking for Moncreiffe & Pottinger's classic and long out of print Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated, scans of the entire book, dust jacket, cover and all, are now available on the following website : ... rated.html .

Not as good as having the actual book, of course, but not a bad substitute.
Arthur Radburn
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Re: Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated

Postby JMcMillan » 01 Dec 2012, 23:23

Convenient, but wrong. This book is still in copyright.
Joseph McMillan
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Martin Goldstraw
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Re: Simple Heraldry, Cheerfully Illustrated

Postby Martin Goldstraw » 03 Dec 2012, 13:11

These books still quite often come onto the market at surprisingly low prices. There are loads available on EBay (UK) currently. ... &_from=R40

If you like the works of Moncreiffe and Pottinger, I suggest you also look for Simple Custom Cheerfully Illustrated and Blood Royal ... yes, you've guessed it .. Cheerfully Illustrated.
Martin Goldstraw
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