Heraldry in Ireland 1943-2018

Heraldry in the Republic of Ireland
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Arthur Radburn
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Heraldry in Ireland 1943-2018

Postby Arthur Radburn » 08 Nov 2018, 11:53

From the National Library of Ireland's website :

"In April 1943 the Office of the Ulster King of Arms, which had been established in 1552, transferred from British control to the Irish Free State under the care of the NLI. On transfer it was renamed the Genealogical Office, but later became the Office of the Chief Herald. The NLI is marking this 75th anniversary of the transfer of heraldic services by celebrating heraldic art in Ireland over the past 75 years."

The exhibition features seventy-five coats of arms, one from each year. They have been compiled into a commemorative booklet, which can be downloaded from the NLI's website. (PDF : 2.53 MB)

Here's one of the arms from the exhibition. A nice example of how medieval charges and ordinaries can be used to represent 20th-century technology :

Shannon - CHI 1984.png
Shannon2 - CHI 1984.png
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Re: Heraldry in Ireland 1943-2018

Postby Iain Boyd » 09 Nov 2018, 05:58

Many thanks, Arthur.


Iain Boyd

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