Arms of Dame Patsy Reddy - interesting aspects

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Arms of Dame Patsy Reddy - interesting aspects

Postby Arthur Radburn » 25 May 2022, 19:48

Arms, supporters and badge granted to Dame Patsy Reddy by the English kings of arms in 2020. She was governor-general of New Zealand at the time.
Reddy P - CoA 2020.png

Arms : Gules between two Cotises bendwise two Masks bendwise in bend one of Comedy in chief and the other of Tragedy in base the ties hanging inwards those in base overlapping those in chief all between two Pūtōrino [Māori bugle flutes] bendwise Or. Supporters : On a Compartment Vert on which are red Pōhutukawa Blossom and yellow Kōwhai Flowers slipped and leaved two Tīeke Birds Proper. Badge : A female Huia proper statant on a Fern Frond curved upwards to the dexter Vert all within a solid Circular Chain charged with four stylised Mānuka Flowers in cross Or.

What's interesting is the way that the badge is displayed above the shield in place of a crest. The New Zealand Herald of Arms Extraordinary explained that this was the first time that a badge has been granted to a New Zealand woman. It can be displayed in a similar position to a crest, he stated, because crests are not granted to women, and there is a precedent from 2018 for a badge to be used and displayed in this way.

Although the English kings of arms don't usually grant crests to women, exceptions have been made for female governors-general since the 1980s, including Dame Catherine Tizard, who was GG of NZ some years ago. Perhaps there's been a change in policy.

Does anyone here know what the 2018 precedent for displaying a badge above the shield is?
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