Arms of the Presidents of Latvia

The heraldry of the Baltic States
Jonathan Webster
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Arms of the Presidents of Latvia

Postby Jonathan Webster » 16 Jan 2013, 01:42

In a similar vein to various other threads on the forum; does anyone know if any of the Presidents of Latvia have been borne arms and if so; what were their arms?

Marcus Karlsson
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Re: Arms of the Presidents of Latvia

Postby Marcus Karlsson » 17 Jan 2013, 21:09

Guntis Ulmanis (born 1939) President of the Republic of Latvia 1993-1999, followed his Fellow Baltic Presidental Collegues when He was made a Knight of the Swedish Order of the Seraphim and Used the State Arms of Latvia. to this he added the Motto: Mosties, Celies, Strada (Wake up, Stand up, Work).

However as Knight of the Danish Order of the Elephant Ulmanis had a more "personal" Coat of Arms:

Azure, three Stars of five points placed one over two and with the two lower ones pointing towards the upper one, and a base wavy all accompanied (I am not sure about the Colour of the Stars and the Base but think they should be Argent) a Canton Gules charged with a Fess Argent. The same Motto as above.

The Canton Shows the Falg of Latvia. The Three Stars are a Latvian Symbol and features in the State Arms and also one one of the Country's formost Awards the Order of the Three Stars. The Wavy Base probably symbolises the Gulf of Riga, and also features in the Arms of Riga Latvia's Capital and Birthpalce of President Ulmanis.

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