Change the system!!

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Chris Green
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Re: Change the system!!

Postby Chris Green » 26 Apr 2021, 06:31

Chris Green
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Jeremy Fox
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Re: Change the system!!

Postby Jeremy Fox » 26 Apr 2021, 11:33

Interesting, but arms belong to the person, not the name (in England at least, whatever may be the practice in Scotland or elsewhere.)
The question is whether a person should be automatically armigerous by virtue of having an armigerous mother. To what passes for my mind, the applicable laws, if any, would be those related to gender equality and there should be no difference between males and females in respect of inheriting and transmitting arms. In answer to Charles Veale's question, I would say that children with no paternal arms would simply use their maternal arms.

Ryan Shuflin
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Re: Change the system!!

Postby Ryan Shuflin » 08 Apr 2022, 17:25

I recently read that in Germany that a woman can use either the arms of her father or the arms of her husband (provided she is married). Apparently this is nothing new. Although it seems that most of the use of arms by women was in a combined coat of arms, which in Germany consists of two shields. While coats of arms aren't granted in Germany, they are legally recognized due to customary law. The courts have ruled that they follow the laws for surnames. So I guess that means that a man could take the coat of arms of his wife, if he also takes her name, although he is not a descended from the first armiger. There is also the means of extending the right to use the coat of arms to other people. However, this is recommended only to extend the right to relatives, because otherwise the customary right might lose its exclusivity.

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Bernard Juby
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Re: Change the system!!

Postby Bernard Juby » 15 Apr 2022, 18:46

A bit late in the day to enter this debate but what about a names & Arms clause in the will? It's been going on for centuries!

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