"Speaking arms" trouble

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Michael F. McCartney
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Re: "Speaking arms" trouble

Postby Michael F. McCartney » 28 May 2015, 21:13

I don't have access to reference material at present (not at home) but Gyronny wavy Or and Sable suggests a possible Campbell cadet in Scotland, at least if it's gyronny of eight. On the other hand, gyronny of ten or twelve (IIRC not uncommon on the continent) wouldn't bear that suggestion, and if wavy might even be a better visual cant on the name.

Historically duplications in different jurisdictions weren't considered objectionable; but in a modern world of airplanes, the internet, and free movement within the EU, not IMO a good idea.
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Re: "Speaking arms" trouble

Postby GJKS » 30 May 2016, 08:55

MELEBECK arms were completed 30 July 2015. Yet to be posted in the Forum.

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