The International Association of Amateur Heralds

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                Arms of the United Kingdom (Georgian)
  • "Patio del
                Crucero Real Alcázar Sevilla"



The Association does all it can to guide its members in the acquisition and refinement of their heraldic knowledge and skill. Fundamentally it is up to the individual member to set about that task, but as they progress beyond the basic level of knowledge he or she will find it helpful to have someone to whom they can turn for advice, and at times consolation!

Accordingly some Fellows have volunteered to act as mentors for Associate Fellows. The Vice President, Heraldic Education (VP-HE) will oversee the mentoring process, appointing mentors and linking them with Associate Fellows who ask for this service. Such requests should be directed to the VP-HE.

There are special considerations in the case of Associate Fellows who wish to contribute to the IAAH design work, either as designers or artists. They should highlight this wish to the VP-HE who will assign them to a member of the Design Team as mentor.