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The International Association of Amateur Heralds is an unincorporated, nonprofit association with no claims to Church or Crown sanctioned legitimacy. It exists only in cyberspace and has no geographical or nationality limitations.


The IAAH does not endorse nor recommend any commercial products, processes, or services unless it is explicitly stated on this Website. Any views and opinions of authors expressed on IAAH's Web sites do not necessarily state or reflect those of the IAAH, and therefore may not be used for advertising nor product endorsement purposes.

It is not the intention of the Association to be a competitor to nor a replacement for existing heraldry societies such as The Heraldry Society, The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, The Heraldry Society of Scotland, The American College of Heraldry or other similar heraldry societies. It is not the intention to compete nor replace heraldic authorities such as The College of Arms in London, The Lyon Court in Edinburgh, The Office of the Chief Herald in Dublin, The Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa, (nor any other registration or regulatory body). The Association has no authority to grant coats of arms, but stands ready to help others with petitions/applications to official heraldic authorities.

The Association is not a competitor to or a replacement for the US Patent and Trademark Office or the US Copyright Office (LOC). The Association DOES NOT issue copyrights or register trademarks, service marks, certification marks, collective marks or coats of arms.

Further, ... the Association IS NOT affiliated with The American College of Heraldry, Collegium Heraldicum Russiae, The Augustan Society, The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) nor The Academy of Saint Gabriel.

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