Dog With Helm

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Mark Henderson
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Dog With Helm

Postby Mark Henderson » 25 Nov 2018, 21:16

While perusing a digital copy of Heraldry & Floral Forms As Used in Decoration authored and illustrated by Herbert Cole, I saw the following image.


Was this a common practice in heraldic art? I have seen Dan Escott's splendid animals and banners, but this is the first time that I have seen an animal wearing a helm.

Any thoughts?

Mark Anthony Henderson
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Michael F. McCartney
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Re: Dog With Helm

Postby Michael F. McCartney » 26 Nov 2018, 04:46

I've seen it a very few times over the years, always IIRC as supporters on non-British arms...
Michael F. McCartney
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Ton de Witte
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Re: Dog With Helm

Postby Ton de Witte » 28 Dec 2018, 10:56

I have seen a German coat of arms in which the supporters wore helmets. Funny thing about that was that their were multiple crests in these arms and that the lions with the helmets had 2 of the crests on their head. So I am not sure if these lions had helmets or that the artists couldn't fit all helmets with crests in the picture with supporters and came to this innovative solution.
Ton de Witte
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