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John Olliff-Cooper
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Re: Design Software

Postby John Olliff-Cooper » 30 Apr 2017, 17:54

I'm using a Mac. As Macs are used extensively in professional drawing situations you might think there would be a simple-to-use (and maybe even free) drawing package offering heraldic art enthusiasts exactly what they need. If such a program exists I haven't been able to find it.

I downloaded Coat of Arms Visual Designer, which was inexpensive; but even with quite a few years of computer experience to apply, it defeated me completely. In truth, even if I'd got to the bottom of its very peculiar ways I doubt it would have provided much ability.

The question then is - what are Mac users using? I would never use Coreldraw often enough to justify its cost, and I gather its quite a steep learning curve too.

Please tell me there's a Mac freebie for idiot users that is much better than Coreldraw.

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Cameron Campbell
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Re: Design Software

Postby Cameron Campbell » 01 May 2017, 10:52

I am not familiar with Mac's. I don't deal with Apple because of a previous issue with them many years ago. However, I do use Serif software for my heraldry stuff. Their latest graphics suite is available for Mac, but it is NOT free, though it is inexpensive (to me).

Go here... ... n=drawplus

I am not a Serif employee, nor do I have any financial interest in the company.

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Mark Henderson
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Re: Design Software

Postby Mark Henderson » 04 May 2017, 14:15

The video for the Affinity Designer looks really impressive. I just signed up for a trial of the software.

Mark Anthony Henderson
IAAH Fellow : Former Design Assistance Request Team Artist

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Michael F. McCartney
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Re: Design Software

Postby Michael F. McCartney » 06 May 2017, 17:23

The more I read, the more I appreciate felt-tip markers and cell phone photos... ;)
Michael F. McCartney
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