The International Association of Amateur Heralds

  • The Royal
                Arms of the United Kingdom (Georgian)
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                Crucero Real Alcázar Sevilla"

Our Work

The Association aims to foster the love of heraldry in all its forms, to encourage its use by individuals, corporations and public bodies, to assist those desirous of acquiring their own arms, and to support the work of heraldic authorities and societies worldwide.

In support of these aims, the Association manages an internet Forum accessible by non-members as well as members. For those who require particular assistance to design or emblazon arms, the Association operates a free service to put potential clients in touch with members who can help them to turn their heraldic ideas into reality in conformance with good heraldic practice.

The Association encourages those who accept arms designed by the Association to register or petition for a grant of arms through an official heraldic authority in order to control the proliferation of "assumed" arms.

Basic Knowledge
Some people joining the Association will have little basic heraldic knowledge. To fully understand and appreciate many of the things which are done or discussed within the Association's framework it is necessary to have enough knowledge of the subject.

The Association does all it can to guide its members in the acquisition and refinement of their heraldic knowledge and skill. Fundamentally it is up to the individual member to set about that task, but as they progress beyond the basic level of knowledge he or she will find it helpful to have someone to whom they can turn for advice, and at times consolation!